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This book will show you how to relate the specific functions of the body, mind and emotions (soul) so that you will be able to prescribe specific Qi Gong exercise for the improvment of specific areas of your body, mind and soul.


Heru — The Ressurection

A Novel by Ra Un Nefer Amen


Kamitic Success

Achieving Wealth, Health & Happiness Through The Ageless Teachings of Ancient Egypt


Kamitic Success Discount Bundle

Achieving Wealth, Health & Happiness Through The Ageless Teachings of Ancient Egypt


Kamitic Success Software

Tracking Your Progress via The “Weighing Of The Heart” System


The Key to Miracles Workbook

The Key To Miracles Workbook, Companion to Metu Neter 3Text


Maat – Then 11 Laws of God

The Knowledge and Application of Spiritual Laws to Daily Living


Metu Neter Volume I

The Great Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation, Ra Un Nefer Amen


Metu Neter Volume II

The Kamitic Initiation System, Ra Un Nefer Amen


Metu Neter Volume III

The Key To Miracles, Ra Un Nefer Amen


Not Out of Greece

For years, Western scholars have claimed that mathematics, science and logic are greek inventions. In NOT OUT OF GREECE you will find the proof that, not only are Greeks not responsible for the invention of the organized study of and application of these subjects, but that they were in fact very deficient in them. Once and for all the controversy has been settled. It all started in Kamit (Ancient Egypt) and Sumer.


Nuk Au Neter

Nuk Au Neter is the first correct translation, explanation and interpretation of the so-called “Egyptian Book Of The Dead” or “Pert Em Hru” or so-called “Coming Forth By Day”. Nuk Au Neter is the most celebrated Ancient Egyptian Holy Scripture that affirms Man’s direction and explains the way to its Realization.


Qi Gong Success

Prescriptions for Health, Wealth & Happiness


Qi Gong Success Bundle

Qi Gong Success Book, Tree of Life Qi Gong Instructional DVD & Stasis Healing Sounds DVD (You save $16.97!)


Kamitic Success Book Bundle

Buy both Success books together today and get a 25% discount.


Tree of Life Meditation

The Tree of Life Meditation (TOLM) System, By Ra Un Nefer Amen, author of the best seller Metu Neter, in two volumes, will show you how to make revolutionary changes in your life, in just 21 days out of every month. Effective and enduring changes in your life, require the cooperation of 11 sets of mental/spiritual faculties.


Tree of Life Qi Gong

Achieving Spiritual Realization, Physical & Emotional Healing By Integrating Body, Mind & Spirit

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