The Ausar Auset Society International (AASI) is a 40+ year old organization with chapters all over the United States, Canada, Bermuda, Trinidad, Virgin Islands, London, South Africa, Ghana to name a few locations.  Its King and founder is the Shekhem ur Shekhem Ra Un Nefer Amen I. Since its inception, the AASI has provided the public with a full modern translation of Ancient Kamitic Spirituality and I Ching. It has also developed solutions for modern applications.


The West Coast chapter of Ausar Auset was founded in 1991, headquartered in Oakland, CA.  With outreach in the Bay Area, southern California, Hawaii, Seattle, Arizona, Sacramento, etc…  In keeping with the African ancestry tradition, the society’s structure is modeled after a Kingship/Queenship form of government.  In 2002, Ur Aua-t Maat Ari-t was enstooled as Paramount Queen Mother and entrusted with the leadership responsibilities of developing the West Coast region of Ausar Auset.


The West Coast chapter fulfills the mission of Ausar Auset Society International offering classes on Ausarian/Ra Initiation, Meditation, Metu Neter and I Ching Oracles, Qi Gong (Theory and Practice), etc…on a regular basis.


For more information contact 510-410-0337 or 510-866-6644. Email,


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